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Site1 per subscription
Visitor per site check in500 per month
sign inUnlimited
Number of device/tablet for check inUnlimited
Health screen question Y
Contactless and Touch freeY
Pre registrations Y
Walk In check IN/check outY
Host notifictaion(Email/SMS)Y
Text SMS/EMAIL send invitationY
Outlook / Gmail IntegrationY
Teams IntegrationY
Capture  PhotoY
Print BadgesY
Kiosk SupportY
Reports & DashboardY
Tablet/ipad/mobile AppY
Web dashBoardY
Badge PrintY
Corporate BuildingY
Emergency evacuation notificationsY
Automatically check visitors outY

Silver Plan

  • Site 1 per subscription
    Host/Employee Unlimited
    Visitor per site check in 500 per month



  • sign in Unlimited
    Number of device/tablet for check in Unlimited
    Health screen question Y
    Contactless and Touch free
    Pre registrations  Y
    Walk In check IN/check out Y
    Host notifictaion(Email/SMS) Y
    Text SMS/EMAIL send invitation y
    Outlook / Gmail Integration Y
    Teams Integration Y


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