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MySmartGuard+: A Comprehensive System

Pre-Appointment or Walk-in: Visitors can easily schedule appointments or input their details upon arrival directly from their phone, generating a unique QR code for convenient check-in.

QR Code Scanning: The MySmartGuard+ tablet, installed at the entrance or reception desk, scans this unique QR code, and validates the visitor's identity and appointment details.​

Safety Checks (Optional): After QR code verification, the MySmartGuard+ tablet/Kiosk optionally scans visitor for acceptable body temperature and detects mask usage.​

Monitoring & Alerts: A failed QR verification or safety scan triggers a subtle audio & visual alarm. The MySmartGuard+ tablet also maintains a record of all visitors for reporting and auditing purposes.​

Access Control Integration (Coming Soon): MySmartGuardPlus+ currently integrates with ZKTeco Access Control and Cielo 365, and will soon integrate with other third-party access control systems.​

Alert: Emergency evacuation notifications to Host/employee and Visitor​

Integration (Coming Soon): MySmartGuardPlus+ integrates with Outlook/Gmail and offers a driving license scanning feature. It also has upcoming integrations with Azure AD and SSO for enhanced functionality. ​

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